Comment: ok... so years ago Ron Paul

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ok... so years ago Ron Paul

ok... so years ago Ron Paul stood there and told everyone that we were going to have an inflationary depression. Basically the worst of both worlds. All the Prechterite Elliot wavers came in and bitched, moaned and groaned how that couldn't happen. they were right and Ron and the rest of us were wrong. Silver and gold would go way down, bla bla bla.... JZNEFF, in his being the economic guru of the universe just had to point out he was the one who was right period. All is well don't worry, good times are here again.. Well looks like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff are right again. It is a slow motion train wreck but it is happening. I hope all of you have taken the good advice on this site and have been stocking 90% silver, food, ammo etc. This thing is going to get nasty.