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Comment: Christian?!

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One might also add that "judge not lest you be judged, in the same manner". But, as our government should do, an attempt at negotiation should be the first move. Try talking first, always!

If that failed I would, then, send a letter in reply. In that letter, I would be asking if they wanted you to put the sign in your yard, stating you are prepared to defend you property and family, with firearms. But, the neighbor does not have guns because they don't believe in the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

I, too, agree that if we are going to claim to be Christian, there is no acceptability in "cursing" our neighbors. That includes the "benign" words they used in the letter. (it is a sin as bad as murder) The Golden Rule was also ignored, by that neighbor. Point that out, as well! You might ask them if there is any way they can justify the name calling, pointing out that, as a Christian, you could not do the same. That neighbor forgets that the left has called all of us "hill billies" and "red neck Christians", if we own guns and/or are TEA party supporters. Many Christians do not know their Bibles, because they rely on being spoon fed, every Sunday, at church. Atheists could also be addressed by stating you follow the moral teachings of your Bible. But, with their behavior, you question their intent to live moral lives!

IMHO, anyway!