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Do you expect

the criminals who are perpetrating a crime to stop themselves?

So it's up to us.

What's the first step?

Try to overcome a rigged election system run by criminal bankers and their wholly-owned media empires, to elect decent people to reform a wholly corrupt political system? Again? Recall the definition of "insanity."

Start killing the bastards? They're better at it than we are, not being ethically handicapped when it comes to mass murder. And it doesn't work anyway (see a short essay, "Revolution IS the Hell of It" in David Friedman's book The Machinery of Freedom--read it for free online.

My own preference: Start de-legitimizing "government." The superstition that some men can be "rightful rulers" with moral & legal authority to command obedience is the source of 95% of the evil in the world. The book in my tagline exposes that superstition. "Government" is a religion -- spread the good word of atheism.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition,