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#1)Been a Ron Paul supporter since 1993
#2)Moved, so could not vote. I had yard signs(stolen after two days)
#3)Voted Republican in the primaries

#9)Physician and surgeon, pain management doctor, retired
#12)When Ron Paulo addressed, in a speech from the floor of Congress, about the massive interference by the federal government in the doctor/patient relationship in pain management.(many were being imprisoned for treating patients compassionately)
#13)20yrs WOW!
#15)9yrs (young and stupid)
#16)a)end drug prohibition (and stop telling doctors how to practice medicine!) b)restricted involvement in foreign governments internal affairs, c)reduce size of bloated government d)repeal patriot act (and rid us of the TSA), e)monetary policy, return to gold standard,(stop the inflation, they say does not exist, due to printing too much money!) e)civil rights (following the Golden Rule, ignoring skin pigmentation when judging my fellow man!)