Comment: You have NO IDEA what you're talking about Anarchist.

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You have NO IDEA what you're talking about Anarchist.

"The Mobs and Cartels are a direct result of the existence of government"

You have NO IDEA what you're talking about. Mobs and Cartels is ALL you're going get in Anarchy. You oppose the very idea of anything else. Where are you going to get your justice, and remember, it can't sound anything like government. "Evil Governments" and "Statists" are only capable of taking liberty, not defending it right?

It's hard to run a mob or a cartel when you require the consent of it's members, when those members set that mobs mission to defending liberty and serving justice. A mob decides it's own mission and uses collective violence to pursue that mission; extortion, predation, and dominion.

Mobs and cartels will have a field day in Anarchy, and it won't matter one iota that you or your neighbors decide to oppose them. They operate in darkness, and tempting peoples covetous nature in the dark will allow them to fill their ranks with people ready to stomp you out like the subhumans and cowards they see you as.

They won't care that you cry about it. They won't care that everyone knows it's unjust. That's why they need darkness. That's what you want to use to enforce contracts with, and to do it in dark with your own hired goons, because you ultimately want to serve injustice and can't defend your ideas in the light of day. You want to be a mob boss running a cartel with hired goons don't ya?

Want contract law? Opps... Sorry, no law for you Anarchist.

Laws are about ruling you and serving injustice; right? Laws would mean government and deciding who writes those laws. Government would mean deciding what objective those laws serve.

An Anarchists justice comes from mobs, cartels, and warlords. An Anarchists justice comes from gangland government.

You serve one law Anarchist, and that's the law of the jungle, that the strong survive, that the weak will serve the strong, and be fed upon in the dark.