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Comment: I have sent a message...

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I have sent a message...

I have sent a message to Principal Perkins at I hope you will write a respectful email also. Below is what I wrote.

Principal Perkins,
I am sad and hope I can help you to see the mistake that you have made. I am referring to the suspension of the brave young men that saved the life of the football player that almost lost his life to another student with a gun. It is hard for me to understand how anyone could see these brave young men as anything but heroes. They risked their lives to save another and for their heroic efforts they were punished , made to feel ashamed and made to believe that they had done something wrong.
In a world that seems upside down, the selfless act of putting their lives in danger for another should be acknowledged and revered. If they had been in the military they could have received a bronze star and a commendation. But instead you shame them and suspend them. What kind of a message does that send? If it were your child would you prefer that these brave young men would have saved and protected him/her or would you prefer they do nothing and let your child die? Put yourself in that position for just one minute and think about it and be honest with yourself.
Young people are very impressionable and an event like this can shape their future. Being declared a hero and getting their 15 minuets of fame could send them on the way to becoming someone special like policeman, a Green Beret or even a Navy Seal. They could in turn save and protect our children and grandchildren. Or they could punished and be taught that they should never help someone in need and even worse that it is wrong to help anyone in need. Is that what you want for them? I am sure that it is not what you would want for them.
Please think about how your actions can affect their beliefs and future. Put aside the rules and regulations that are in place and clearly do not address an extraordinary event like the one that has happened. You only get one chance to make a mistake like this or to correct it. Everybody makes mistakes and when we own up to them good people will forgive you and stand by you.
I hope I have given you something to think about and you will do the right thing for these brave young men.

Respectfully yours,
Richard N Stone