Comment: If what Glenn told Jack Hunter is true,

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If what Glenn told Jack Hunter is true,

that "he’d like The Blaze to be a platform to promote libertarian leaders and ideas," that's great but too soon. He's too conflicted to be any sort of spokesman for the movement. It's reflected by the fact that, depending on who is there with him, he might (still) arrogantly attack libertarians *or* make himself appear to be a humble seeker.

As the author suggests, Glenn needs to do some study into libertarian ideals. Clearly, being on the fence, the format of his program is not conducive to promoting any genuine understanding of those ideals. This clip was hard to watch, with Glenn, as usual, interrupting guests to prevent them from following through on a train of thought, to put extreme images in the minds of listeners, or to change the subject. All over the place, it accomplished nothing. Well, not nothing. Even in his humble-seeker mode, Glenn managed to leave listeners with a picture of homeless people with needles sticking out of their arms and Muslims wanting to behead us.

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