Comment: Yeah.... The insomnia is relentless isn't it?

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Yeah.... The insomnia is relentless isn't it?

Yeah, fiction is not for everyone. I am a daydreamer and need an element of fiction when I read. I actually do plan on taking a misses course or 2 this summer, I have been saving throughout grad school to do so but I just wanted to wait until I was done with my masters.

I have always wanted to get over to Eastern Europe, specifically Romania. I have Eastern European roots on my Mom’s side and I just think there is so much history there (well… I suppose there is history everywhere). I’d also love to go to Australia. Iceland would be cool too…. Lol, I really just like to travel.

It’s funny, the more I learn about anything the more I know I need to learn about other things in order for it to all make sense. Even just reading some of the threads around here makes me realize I need to learn more about a lot of things which is why I keep coming back lol. I know a lot about some things and what I know, I know well…. But what I don’t know…. Well I don’t know that very well either :)

The jamming thread has grown and I love it! What I like most about it is actually not so much the music (although I LOVE the music), I like that I can get a feel for people over there so when I see them in other threads I kind of know their personality (well at least their online persona) a little bit better. I also like that one of the most regular posters in there from day one… him and I disagree very strongly on some pretty big issues, yet in there… we are friends and we are just listening to music together, really it’s just a place to relax and laugh with each other a little before we go into the other threads and get all worked up lol