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Comment: Glad to help.

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Glad to help.

1) I was an active DP member in 2007/2008. False
2) I voted for Ron Paul in 2008. False
3) I voted for another Republican in the primary/caucuses. False
4) I voted for a Democrat in the primary/caucuses. False
5) I voted for McCain in the 07/08 general. False
6) I voted for Obama in the 07/08 general. False
7) age: 40
8) state: California
9) occupation: Handyman / inventor / computer electronics technician
10) sex, M/F: M
11) year I first heard of Ron Paul: 2011
12) first impression of Ron Paul (pos, neg, unsure): Unsure
13) number of years I've considered myself a libertarian: 0
14) number of years I've considered myself a conservative: 0
15) number of years I've considered myself a liberal: 0

16) list Ron Paul positions/views that are important to you in order of priority (e.g.: foreign policy, monetary policy, return to gold standard, reduce size of government, civil rights, end drug prohibition, repeal patriot act, etc.) That i cant just answer like that so...

What really got me interested about Dr. Paul was the words he spoke. But more than that it was the consistent nature of his message. I first heard him on Alex Jones, I don't remember the topic, but I was impressed enough to look him up on youtube. What I found awoke something that had died in me... hope that the dream of freedom could live in our country, in our time.

Then I saw this...

I would have never guessed there was a man among us that could bring this debate to the masses. Then I found that he has been saying these words for most of my life. It was this video that made me see that Ron Paul was real and not just another in the never ending line of lying, cheating politicians.

I could keep going for hours but I'll sum it up with this...

Ron Paul changed my life.