Comment: I agree, which is why I questioned the neighbor's ethnicity.

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I agree, which is why I questioned the neighbor's ethnicity.

The tone and content of the letter was also very derogatory. It's the same thing if one black person calls another "nigger" and no offense is taken, but something entirely different if someone of a different race says it.

It also boils down to "how offended" the individual feels and/or "how far" he/she wants to take it and "feel" victimized/offended by playing the role of victim, as many people tent to do and blow things way out of proportion for some kind of financial or other gain.

I figured I'd put that out there because "reverse" racism(what a joke!) has been widely accepted for years. Honkey, Whitey, Redneck, - ALL socially acceptable for years and no offense is/was to be expected. Yet the SHTF, with marches, news media, and the creation of "hate crimes" when it's applied towards another race. Double standard?

I personally think it speaks volumes about what offends, or "pretends" to offend someone. When one isn't offended, specially when the offender is full of ignorance, it shows that they know and are comfortable in who they are as a person. We should all be proud of who we are without letting some ignorant individual dictate our feelings. Thanks for your comment Angie.