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Comment: Name one cartel or Mob even

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Name one cartel or Mob even

Name one cartel or Mob even capable of controlling the markets. With hundreds of thousands of business entities; how exactly do you suppose that even a small number of mobs or cartels could control the markets. You have absolutly no idea what you are talking about. You only spout fear. You are terrified of freedom; and that is sad.

If Mobs and cartels love lawlessness so much, and would therefore prosper in a limited government environment; then howcome the only places with large mobs and cartels are the places with large government?

You say your are a Constitutionalist; which I find interesting. What does the Constitution grant the Federal Government the authority to control? What does any of the State Constitutions grant the State governments the authority to control?

You, like Mark and soem others are not Constitionalists.