Comment: With a comment like,Screw

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With a comment like,Screw

With a comment like,

Screw the Rich.
Screw 'em!!
Take the Country Back!!!

You might want to change your moniker to something more fitting like Vladimir I. Lenin, Chairman Mao, or Joeseph Stalin, or maybe Karl Marx.

As far as the Robber Barons taking over the government(the source of power and control), they got elected by people who voted because people(the agents of the Robber Barons) promised them FREE stuff or PROTECTION; and becasue the people voted against the US Constitution -which they always will, when given the dream of FREE stuff- the source of power was conquered. Just think; if that institution of power didn't exist, then how would the Robber Barons have contained and controlled hundreds of thousands of businesses and banks.

Government is for lazy people; it is a theoretical quick fix to cure the supposed ills of society. It never works, it always ends in tyranny, subjugation, slavery, and mass slaughter, and yet the vast majority of people insist on the necessity of government to prevent theft, assualt, enslavement, and murder. Go figure.