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Possible Solutions

The current US regime is fascist. In my opinion, the first step to restoring Constitutional government is restoring the rule of law. Initially, Bradley Manning was unjustly charged with "aiding the enemy", which carries a death sentence. But unlike Bradley Manning, there is compelling evidence that US political and business leaders are "aiding the enemy" and they should be charged with treason. Even if there seems to be little chance of holding the traitors accountable, we must try, it's our duty as citizens. Bradley Manning and troops on the ground put everything on the line for the principles of freedom that America stands for. In order to support them, we must do our best to restore the rule of law here at home.

In the first link below, you'll find evidence of a US/China/Saudi conspiracy to sponsor terrorism, and use the resulting terrorism as a pretext for eliminating individual liberties around the world. The first link is a comment that takes about five minutes to read and another forty minutes to watch the inserted videos, which are not far out youtube vids. The second link is a pdf file that provides much more detail of treasonous acts by government officials. Check out the sections titled "American and Chinese Communism, a Partnership" and "Closing the Loop on Terrorism" in the pdf file "Knowledge is Power".

This next link is a short post on derivatives and possible solutions to reign the "dark" derivatives market. It also provides evidence of financial crimes to be prosecuted. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)