Comment: Israel is doing pretty pretty well.

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Israel is doing pretty pretty well.

Rhetoric & hysteria aside, lets look at solid facts.

Israeli separation barrier is working, Iron Dome is working, Arrow III system was tested successfully, Bibi agreed with Ron Paul that USA aid (2% of Israeli budget) is not something Israel cannot live without. Israel has no fiscal cliff, no 800 military bases abroad, no waterboarding. And 11 million Mexicans are not about to come over (along with 11m future spouses and 33m future kids.)

On top of that, Gallup poll had found that
80% Republicans are pro-Israel.
71% Independents are pro-Israel.
65% Democrats are pro-Israel.

On top of that, Libertarian free-market capitalism would only weaken Sharia Law of Israeli neighbors, make Israel more prosperous, and drive anti-Semites to socialist camp. Facts are facts.