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Comment: Ain't gonna happen....

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Ain't gonna happen....

...that stuff will never be released & even if it was, anything that could spark distrust of the Warren Commission would be excised.

The People are brain dead. Whenever Clinton's name comes up, people invariably talk about what a good president he was. I say, "He was a murderer!" and people respond, "What?????" and I bring up Waco & the fact that he ordered the murder of those men, women & children. People sputter, make all kinds of excuses & my "murderer" comment goes right over their heads.

Now, if The People can't even remember 20 years back to when Clinton was a murderer & care, then they sure as hell aren't going to remember Kennedy or want to do anything about the cover-up of his murder. I'll bet if OJ Simpson wasn't in jail, he'd be on talk shows right now & people would have forgotten/forgiven him for what he did.