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I do not think this whole

I do not think this whole idea of private security and private arbiters is actually going to be that big of a deal. You sound like a minachist trying ot hide your fear. How many people does the US government kill every year? How many people to the composition of the different policing agencies kill every year in the US? How many inocent people are railroaded by the court system every year? Your afraid of private arbiters? What you are supposedly afraid of already exists; and your answer is that if we didn't have a government to ensure our subjugation then we might not be subjugated, that's why we need government.

The funny thing is the Founders though it better that a criminal be freed because of the court system then for an innocent person to ever be imprisoned. How many innocesnt people are you willing to have imprisoned just so you may have a false idol called government?

Now, you may have a point that it won't be any worse than it is now but....

Oh please, spare me. Why didn't you just say, "But it's for the children?"

People like you, and Mark, and FreeedomsReigning are sickening. You are so afraid of what might happen, that you find it completely acceptable that the very same stuff -which you are afraid of happening without a government- is happening as a direct result of the government which you support.