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I'm not scared at all, in

I'm not scared at all, in fact, I would consider myself favorable to an AnCap system.

I totally agree regarding crime - crime is due mainly to socioeconomic factors. But I am not talking about crime. People are going to have ideologies and views. Not everyone is going to limit themselves to NAP. Some of them are going to hate guns, crime or no crime...some are going to be environmentalists, etc. They are going to support arbiters who agree with them. Those arbiters will enforce "rules" which are in contradiction with NAP and the logic which it relies on because they have no other standard except for market demand.

Suppose 70% of those occupying the market are environmentalists... they are going to have anyone who they deem to be violating their views up before their arbiters. Various companies will spring-up to bring you in-line with their views as well. But unlike now, this will be done with the efficiency and swiftness of the market. It won't be some incapable government bureaucracy. It will be an entire market energized and focused on meeting that environmentalist demand.

If we could get everyone to agree with NAP and live by it, that would be one thing, but that is unlikely to ever happen. You must have some kind of social contract - one which everyone within the boundary of that system voluntarily agrees to. It could be as simple as "We agree that all disputes shall be settled through the non-aggression principle."