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For some reasons, my replies

For some reasons, my replies keep disappearing but I'll try for a final time. First, there is no evidence by HIS ACTIONS that JFK was withdrawing from Vietnam. The number of advisers skyrocketed during his administration. The fact that talked about withdrawing is meaningless. So did LBJ. Heck if you listen to the Johnson tapes from 1964 he sounds almost Ron Paulian....yet he sent troops. Talk is cheap from any politician.

JFK did not lose his interest in overthrowing Castro after the Bay of Pigs. The comic opera plots, in league with his sleazy associates in the Mafia to kill Castro, were ONGOING at the time he died. RFK was the man in charge.

JFK was such a scumbag warmonger late in his term that he gave a green light to the assassination of Diem only a month before his own death. Some Hero! The libertarians of 1963, like Rothbard, despised JFK, and for good reason.