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Comment: Home again!

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Home again!

Man! I'm happy I went, and I'm glad to be home.

This morning after packing the car I headed over to the prayer breakfast. Coffee, OJ, fruit plate (pineapple, strawberry, blueberries and watermelon), assorted mini danish, home frie and En Croute Spinach and shiitaki Omelette.

The presentation was about Catholic and Evangelcals in the GOP, and it was really getting to me.. I was praying.. and I'm just goining to say what I said to the man who gave the presentation, because I was not really happy or inspired but offended..

I told him that many Catholics felt betrayed by the GOP because the GOP failed to give them a Christian to vote for.

These folks are like in complete denile.. it's as if they want to "appeal to the liberals who they hate, laugh at or ignor." This is the down side, and I'm not going to focus on it, because there are many positive things, which is the rEVOLution in the GOP. That is an awesome thing to see.. and there is room for more.. let's do this, let's get in there and teach these people.

We had candidates, and some won.. Ellissa Wadsligh, is now district vice chair and a contest she won by a big margin, I think there are others, I left before the annoucements because I was already late to move my car from the hotel parking.. and I'm sure to get the results and will include that when I get it, finalizing the report when I have all my paperwork concluded.

We are on the map, and we absolutely have an opportunity to rise in this party. HELP WANTED! May find a paying job within.. please get involved and grow the GOP for LIBERTY not more BS.