Comment: Play money? Parking tokens?

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Play money? Parking tokens?

WTF are people talking about? Monticello on the back has not changed with the exception of some special ones sprinkled here and there in 2004 and 2005 that were about the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, a Buffalo, and some other Lewis and Clark thing with the ocean. Jefferson is just a more frontal view now and not your typical cameo side shot. Those have been out since 2006 so it's nothing new. The content and weight has been the same since the nickel existed, except the four years they made silver War Nickels.

Everyone is quoting the 2011 prices to mint the penny and the nickel of 2.41¢ and 11.18¢, respectively. In 2012 the cost went down to 2.00¢ and 10.09¢, respectively.

They are removing nickels and pennies from circulation. In 2014 they might also remove the dime. Pennies and nickels are overdue. Dimes is a bad sign.

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