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Smudge, my man,

Stop. Think. The losing of land and murders were foretold by the human-Christ(Pale Rider, Buffalo Calf Woman, etc.) It was not unexpected, it was the Karma of the Natives, not that that will make you accept it, but at least understand that Natives were to carry on the traditions and teach others oneness with all, and oneness with the earth Mother. Grandfathers love was to be the glue that held the Natives together.

I say this to you as a part Indian myself. Control is to be expected from us in any circumstance, go inside and talk to the Father and give the forgiveness to others that you expect from him. Love your enemies, my friend, they are a part of you and you of them.

Allow criticism of the zionist oppressors, as you criticize the white oppressors, but remember, your friends here have not oppressed you, but have accepted you as you are. Love and light to you, my brother.