Comment: A system established by Gov. for your benefit is an illusion.

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A system established by Gov. for your benefit is an illusion.

The beauty of the system (most any government system) is the illusion that people have the ability to change it. When people get involved in it they are demonstrating their support for it.

What really needs to happen is for people to learn that teachers are not a priesthood that holds the keys to the kingdom of educated people, that compulsory education as an avenue to heigher literacy and greater knowledge is a myth, that standards are good but the only standards that count are the parents' standards, that the effective amount of actual academic learning that a student receives in school is about 9 hours a week, that the entire purpose of forced education is to create obedient hard working tax paying serfs who believe that the government's job is to direct their lives and provide them with a job so thay can be righteous and pay their fair share in taxes to the government so it can continue to provide an economy and more jobs, all the while keeping them safe from themselves and some invisible, chaotic, and hostile foreign enemies, and that a culture is produced by the people who voluntarily participate in it, and true literacy and a desire for learning only come from a culture that knows what it is, reveres it, and strives for it. There is no excuse for abdicating responsibility for your culture.

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