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If you are not under contract

If you are not under contract then the abiter has no control over your private actions; unless you infringe on somebody else's rights. If they try to impose something above their pervue then just don't go to the 'court' to even hear the argument.

Frivolous lawsuits are not going to fly; how are you going to pay for them? The security companies will not be as large as they are now, because they dpend on government to protect the corporations which higher the security companies for astronomical sums of money. Without the government, the other corporations have NO protection from competition. Therefore, they won't be able to afford the huge prices of private securety and the private security will have to lower their prices. Many of the security professionals are not going to be doing the same job for much less money. So with a major section of private security taken out of the picture, who is going to be hauling people unjustly to an arbiter to preside over a case unjustly and to rule unjustly against an innocent person?

You can claim I'm causing global warming all you want; it isn't going ot do jack. You will need to get me to the arbiter; won't you? I don't think you understand the total cost of the current justice system; what you are supposing is going to cost nearly as much. I'm sure as hell not going ot be paying some fine for not doing anything; so what are you going to do, pay thousands of dollars per year to lock me up. That is the whole point why your government is so out of control; the difference being is that under the current system everybody is foced to pay for that kind of nonsense. In a voluntaryist system, not everybody is going to be willing to be spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for nothing.

Look at Ruby Ride; a $200 tax stamp cost the USG a few million dollars. Do you really think it would even take one of those instances before your hypothetical majority realized that it was a waste of money?

How about those tyrants who believe in locking people up because of drugs or guns. Do you really think that they are going ot wan to pay around $30k per year to imprison somebody because they buy/sell/use drugs or guns; especially since the cost will only be placed on those who have wanted that kind of law? Hell people don't even want to accept the burdon of paying their childs education cost without pushing it onto everybody else; and you think they are going to pay for all of these other things by themselves.

Maybe they would try to force everybody to pay these costs, but most people will not pay them; and then what?

The only things which will end-up going to court will be serious but limited, not frivolous nonsense like what you're talking about.