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I've already told you how. We

You can't tell me what I am. I have told you I am for ending government and allowing the market to meet demands. But...

I've already told you how. We have 70% of the population who is paying to end what we see as environmental destruction by you. That is our cause, that is what we believe in. We don't care if you didn't violate our rights, we want to rid the earth of people like you and your pollution and we are going to fund any business which can achieve that. The arbiters are going to favor us because it caters to our dollars, the "security" firms are going to open "environmental security" divisions which get paid to go after you and bring you to our arbiters. We are the majority who controls the market and we don't care if people die in the process. Our members own the most productive businesses in our society. We have plenty of money to pay for it and you can't keep up because those who agree with you only make-up 30% of the market.