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The NAACP and the EPA will

The NAACP and the EPA will not exist in a free market; because the people who believe in such nonsense only do so now because they don't have to suffer the costs for such nonsense. Do you understand that EPA is payed for by everybody's taxes? Without madatory taxes imposed on everybody, then where is that money going to come from? The people who desire such nonsense will have to pay the Full cost of such nonsense. Do you really think the people who are spending their hard earned money on that are going to tolerate the wast that the current EPA incures? Do you think that the frivolousness of going haphazardly to is going to cost those people -who fund it- a lot more money then they think it is worth? Don't forget, if they put somebody in jail; they are going to have to pay for that too.

You say that you are not talkin gabout products, but everything on the market is a product. The product you are talking about is some kind of freedom limity service? The EPA, NAACP, and everything else would die without government. Without the donation loophole in the taxes, most of the people which donate to nonsensical things such as NAACP, the Rockafeller Foundation and things like that, would no longer donate to those things, becasue they wouldn't get their kickback. Yes, when a person donates to a charity, the vast majority of that money gets returned to them at the end of the year; sometimes the secondary deduction is even great enough to negate the entire donation itself.

The point being, those institution -which are actually a waste of money- would never last without government protecting them. Nothing you claim to worry about can actually happen without government. Without government protection, and subsidization those instituitons hemorouge money; no people who are forced to pay for that out their own pockets will tolerate it. It would make them poor.