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Comment: Peace, Justice & a clean environment. We can fix this system.

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Peace, Justice & a clean environment. We can fix this system.

This documentary covers a wide berth.

Time ~ Description
17:00 Ron Paul, US Congressman, Texas. Questioning the Fed.
25:00 Bernays. Public relations. Psychological making of a consumer.

32:00 President Eisenhower, Farewell Address warning of the Military Industrial Complex.
33:00 9/11 + Defense Contracts
34:00 President Reagan appointing Carlyle executive to Secretary of war.
35:00 Cynthia McKinney, US Congresswoman. 8 minutes. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of War, attempts to explain Pentagon lost money, contracts, 911, & many things he forgot. Did the 4 Pentagon war games going on the morning of the attack affect our response September 11, 2001?
37:00 Oklahoma City Federal Building. Middle East propaganda.
42:00 Lt. Col. Karen Kwaiatkowski, Pentagon Staff Officer witnessing selective picking of intelligence to support Middle East War propaganda.
43:00 Daniel Ellsberg.
46:00 Bernie Sanders, US Senator, Vermont.
54:00 Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
55:00 Patriot Act against our God given Bill of Rights.
1:00:00 Woody Harrelson reckoning the consumers have power to make corporations change by sending in the interest of peace, justice & clean environment. We can fix the system.

Ride on into Congress on that Farmer Labor Train. Rolling on to victory on the Farmer Labor train...

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