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Like I have said over and

Like I have said over and oaver and oaver again, the costs will bankrupt those who try this in a free market. Without a government, they will not be able to control the market, the most they could do is create some kind of business with anti-freedom as its product. This product which people like you, Mark, and FreedomsReigning would like to enforce on the rest of us, will cost you a lot of money -since without government you have no way of taking the money right out of people's paychecks- when you begin to see the actual cost, that will be the end of it.

You are going to have to make money in that system; with nearly unlimited competition -or the potential thereof- you won't be so eager to frivolously waste your money on nonsense because you will be spending more money then you would be earning. Therefore you -and those like you- would be heading directly into bankruptcy just like governments do. The only difference is that government have a special ability to pass the costs onto everybody including those who aren't even born; which is why they can continue nonsensical projects -like found in your nonsensical arguments- for much longer than they could ever be maintained in a voluntaryist system.