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Thanks for your help- I totally plagerized your answer

here's what I wrote, in case you're interested:

The free market has an inherent efficiency that provides what people want at the lowest price. You have some concept of government (herein after referred to as “govt”) waste, but you don't understand that the govt is inherently wasteful. The govt's costs are not based on the value people put on the services with the prices they are willing to pay, but on arbitrary budgets, so the govt subtracts from the net wealth of society. In a free market, each trade is done because both sides benefit, and wealth is created with each trade. What we had before Obamacare was not free market healthcare. My own doctor said he was thinking of closing shop because of the paperwork.
The loopholes anyone has to jump through to provide services blow up the cost of services by a factor of ten, a hundred, or more, depending on the situation. A nurse isn't allowed to see and treat patients for issues that they're perfectly capable of handling, and if they could do so, they would charge much lower rates than doctors. The whole medical system is a prohibitively expensive behemoth created by the govt. Why do patients end up flying out to less regulated foreign countries to get medical care for cheaper? Should they not be allowed to seek services they can actually afford to pay for? Healthcare costs are not the result of too many businesses with their hands in the pot driving up costs. The involvement of more businesses (competition) would actually drive down prices if the govt kept its hands off. Businesses may not be altruistic, but voluntary exchanges result in win/win situations otherwise the exchange would not happen.
The electronics industry is unregulated, and notice how electronics are always going down in price, decade after decade, year after year, month after month, every time frame, pretty consistently going down. And they're doing it so well that even inflation can't stop it.

Silly video about gov mandate health ins.

Video about socialist healthcare in Canada and the United States:


The poor Irish – to extort that much money requires great tyranny of the mind.
You are living in a country where, for centuries, they were treated as serfs and taught that governance was to be left to the aristocracy. In this country we were taught that all men were created equal and we were to govern ourselves. We started out libertarian. Our social contracts are the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. Little by little our independence has been diminished. Bankers took control of the economy, crashed it, and then offered govt programs to the starving. They took over the schools, taught children that govt programs are necessary and *poof* a few generations later, we’re socialists. Some can’t imagine it ever being any other way. We’re ruled from afar, by people we don’t know. We obey. We rely on them, not each other. Why would socialists go through so much trouble? Because when govt is centralized and socialized they can live like kings as leaches on the system. It’s a great gig. And we’re the chumps.

Taking care of ourselves has become harder due to govt interference in the market. Savings no longer earn interest, and some people have lost their life savings. Our dollars don’t buy a tiny fraction of what they used to. They’ve created a system that devalues the currency, and forces many of us to be dependent on them. They’ve broken our legs and now offer us wheelchairs. “Thanks for the wheelchairs, gosh, where would I be without you, government? Hey, everybody, the government is good and kind, they’re handing out free wheelchairs! Look at all the people with broken legs, thank God government is finally doing something to help.”
Another point- if govt is paying for your health care then they have the right to tell you not to drink whiskey, eat donuts, or smoke cigarettes. Do you really want to the govt to be the boss of you? (self ownership vs. socialism

It takes a leap of faith and some imagination to believe that we cannot only take care of ourselves but each other. Isn’t it a big complaint with our society that people are isolated? Isn’t the healthiest thing to do emotionally is to help other people? Why is everyone on anti-depressants? Because govt has taken over OUR role of providing care and service to each other. I believe we can do it. Church going conservative types give money every week and could support charities steadily (we give $100 a week to our church). And progressives in the urban areas always impress me with their good hearts and genius ideas to help people. Without income taxes everyone would have a lot more to give. I could hire a gardener, a maid, and a babysitter and create more jobs.

A huge problem is that govt has been allowed to use force (fines, arrest, imprisonment, levies, garnishments, property seizure) to enforce false philanthropy. Monopoly of force is dangerous and inclined to be abused by those in power. The only justifiable time that force can be used is in self-defense. That applies to you, me, and govt too. Govt force should be used only in cases of self-defense (i.e. when govt steps in to defend us from theft or violence). Govt does not have the authority (at least it shouldn’t) to use force to invent laws about every aspect of our lives and fund charity causes. That’s not a social contract, that’s tyranny.
Liberty to me is; individual rights, tolerance, and non-aggression.
Look up the terms “collectivism” and “individualism” and see which theory you’d rather live with.

Human livestock video, since you relish the idea of being compared to a cow: