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More CIA-spoonfed Bullcrap and disinfo.....

It was proven that CIA Operative E. Howard Hunt forged cables to attempt frame Kennedy as agreeing to the assassination of Diem. He was caught and exposed at this in the 1970s.

The truth of course is that the CIA was always defying Kennedy's orders, and going off rouge. It was the CIA and the Pentagon who were the warmongers here. Everyone knows that, and that's why there was such a large conflict and high tension between the CIA and Kennedy.

And Fidel Castro even spoke himself about the fact, that: "this changes everything once he had heard that they had murdered Kennedy.

He knew that Kennedy was fighting against his own Government, to keep the peace.

1. No other President would have ever had the guts, after having been setup by the CIA, to refuse to call in the Army/Airforce/Navy and go to immediate War against Cuba in order to bail out the CIA.

2. No other President would have ever refused to immediately blowup Cuba, once real WMDs (Nuclear Bombs) were found and located just 90-miles off of our coastline.

3. No other President would have signed a Nuclear Treaty, and openly talked about a strategy of Military Disarmament at the very height of the Cold War.

4. And NASM 263 proves that Kennedy was withdrawing from Vietnam. That was the plan on record. Former House Speaker Tip O'Neil told Kennedy that he was bringing the troops home. And Robert Kennedy promised the same thing in 1968 when they shot him too.