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You argument now is similar

You argument now is similar to the race argument. Sure they can discriminate, but the misogynist will just move. Maybe they all congregate in one area. This particular area is not going to adhere to such nonsense; now will they? Companies will always be striving for more sales -especially in a voluntaryist system- how many companies do you think are going to boycot selling to the misogynist area?

This is not going to be, the eniter US follows the same set of Rules -with the hopeful exception of the NAP. There will be different areas doing different things. People will move to an area more applicable to their views; and all of the companies will have no choice but to be tolerant of everybody if they want to compete with everybody else -this isn't a rule, but more a fact of reality.

So, no matter what scheme or potential problem or control mechanism you can concoct if it is started at all it will not last because it will be costing sombody a lot of money to continue their nonsensical policy.