Comment: Fascism Requires Government, You are aware of that right?

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Fascism Requires Government, You are aware of that right?

There's only a thin veneer of lies separating Fascism and Communism, and you're working your way towards understanding that. One of your fellow Anarchists said something that summed this up nicely. HE said: "If anarchism is the absence of a state, both political systems are impossible."

Government is collective force, and the only legitimate purpose of government is to defend liberty, to serve justice. An Anarcho-Barbarian wants free market solutions to serve justice.

In Anarchy, a Fascist will no longer need "the state". because government is collective force, and it's now available down at the local WalMart. Welcome to an Anarchists Utopia.

Anarcho-Nazi: "Welcome aboard. You'll find Rent-A-Goons on aisle 666."

So now that you understand Government is collective force and the proper role of government is to serve justice, let's take another look at Anarchism under a new light.

Anarcho-Fascism: The merger of collective force and corporate power.
Anarcho-Communism: Collective force owns everything.

Which are you? Remember, don't try and tell me about how you're going to create a state to stop me. It's mob rules now, and I'm going control my mob from behind closed doors. After all, we sign the checks, not you.