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You really don't think of

You really don't think of actual monetary costs; do you? That sounds just like a statist. That is exactly how we got into this mess. The Democratic Statists on the left clammering for the Wealfare State, and the Republican Statists on the Right clammering for the Warfare State; and none of them even entertaining the idea of the financial costs of any of it.

Yes; in a volutaryist system, you would be free to try and impose your will on others. However, the financial costs to do so, would be much greater than you are obviously imagining; leaving you with two options: continue and most likely going bankrupt, or give-up.

Under a voluntaryist system, your company is going to have to compete for market-share against -potentially- an infinite number of competitors. This is going to bring your profit margin down; with little recourse but to try and provide a better widget at a better price. The use of force in this will cost you more than just producing a better product. Mercenaries aren't cheep; and high quality mercs really aren't cheep.

Do you really think that people/companies are going to hemorage money on nonsense which is more likely to bankrupt them, then make them rich?