Comment: I sure wouldn't condemn them to eternal damnation like your

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I sure wouldn't condemn them to eternal damnation like your

God does to nonbelievers.

I'll match my parenting skills against any one of you. My wife and I viewed our role as parents to guide our daughters to discover how to manage their own lives. They knew from a very young age that they were in charge of their lives because we told them so, and we never needed punishment because they responded to positive reinforcement. You don't walk a 15 year old across the street, and you don't let a 2 year old cross by herself. The magic of good parenting is finding the line between protection and letting go, and making sure your children have the same values that you have and are equipped with the tools to live successful lives. You don't need to rebel if you aren't being repressed.

I don't need a lecture from someone who thinks they need to use authoritarian force to make children obey, and I don't need an imaginary god and his pedophile priests to provide me morals when I am perfectly capable of rational thinking and adopting values based on that logic.

And since you asked if I had a better idea than hell for incorrigible people, I do. Keep them from becoming incorrigible by parenting them with love and skill. Using force against children almost always backfires and gives the opposite result from what is desired.

You threat of eternal damnation speaks poorly of you and for the god that you have invented in your mind, or should I say was placed there through indoctrination. It's the same process that happens to those who believe in big government to rule their lives and take care of them, so I wonder what you are doing on a freedom oriented web site.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.