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Comment: Oops I was wrong though sort of right.

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Oops I was wrong though sort of right.

This is from fiction by Robert Heinlein:
'My last post spoke a lot about my belief that a good education, while not necessarily an inalienable right, is certainly in the best interests of democracy. That train of thought led me to the civic structure of Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, in which there is a distinction between a citizen and a civilian. Science fiction isn't just about warp speed and time travel. The best authors of this genre have posed some fairly intriguing moral questions, and Heinlein is one of the best. In the novel, or the Casper van Dien flick, a citizen must give a minimum of two years military service before gaining the rights to vote or hold public office. Civilians choose not to accept responsibility for the body politic and forfeit those responsibilities and privileges...'

Chris Indeedski!

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