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Good question, some info

Good question, some info about the 85 video tapes here though.

So you can believe that info or you can believe they have video that does directly show what hit the Pentagon. The problem is there are more than 50 eyewitnesses that saw a large plane or even an American Airlines plane by name. I've posted the links to those many times now. So if there is video that somehow does show clearly that it was not an American Airlines plane, it makes almost ALL those eyewitness testimonies no longer credible, including the ones that support the "impossible" flight path theories.
And theories of a drone or missile or something dressed up as an American Airlines plane seem pretty silly to me and open up a whole other huge batch of questions that no one can answer. I mean does anyone have a good theory or any credible evidence on what happened to the actual planes if they weren't the ones used? If so I haven't heard one. Some people try to say they were totally made up but that's easily falsified. People did leave on the alleged planes and never came back.

But what I personally think is that info about the tapes I linked to is right, and they don't really have any good tapes or they would have released them.