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There is truth... what you say, in that the creature can't be reconciled to the Creator unless there is inward desire on the part of creature to actually be reconciled to that Light and Love instead of inwardly shaking their fist at it. That's where the faith of the individual is key. (And, of course, the flip side of that is that it's the Creator Who is first constantly seeking us and calling us and drawing us back -- the whole election/predestination side of things. Not one or the other, but both, in sort of a call-and-response fashion.)

It would be the utmost folly, though, for the individual creature to think itself equal to the Prime Mover, the Creator, the I AM that I AM. We did always exist in a sense as ideas in that original Mind, but until the Word progressed from that Mind to bring the ideas into reality as working sub-minds -- sub-creators, as J.R.R Tolkien liked to say :) -- we couldn't really be called existing, functioning, individual persons. The I AM that I AM, the Alpha and Omega, will always be greater than all of us who are creatures and had a beginning in time.

To go 'Christian Platonist' on you, we are not the Forms. We are what has been generated by the Forms, and we will continue to grow to become closer and closer to the ideal person we were created to be. This is kind of the idea, I think, in Revelation, where the individual believer receives from his heavenly Father a 'white stone' with a new name written on it, that nobody except the Father knows. That represents that ideal person we were meant to be, yet distinct and particular compared to every other individual. We are not all One energy field with no distinction between us. As we grow, we do not become less individual, disappearing into some pantheistic sea; we become more individual, like a distinct flower in a cosmic garden.

As we grow, we will become more like the Creator -- but we will never BE the Creator. And so we are utterly dependent on the Creator, not only for our existence in the first place, but also for being drawn back to becoming those ideal persons we are meant to be, when we go astray in our wobbling, toddler-like steps.

I don't mean to sound utterly dogmatic on all these particular details of how this works -- just my meager attempt to dump my imperfect thoughts into words. :)