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The Israeli government

Here I think we should include in "the Israeli government" its fifth column of neo-cons and others in the US government--infiltrators with dual citizenship or the potential for it, such as Michael Chertoff, Rahm Emmanuel, Pearl, Wolfowitz, etc. They are a big part of the network, plus those willing idiots, Christian Zionists, who severely distort our foreign policy, as well as our domestic politics. Add to that depraved Hollywood's influence on our culture, Jewish domination of the media and financial sectors, and we find ourselves in the midst of a perfect storm...anti-Jewish sentiment does not precede all this so much as being a reaction to such excessive influence, as has been the case throughout history.

Of course, we also have some American Jews who have a very positive influence on our culture, such as journalist Naomi Wolf and many others. So, we definitely should not paint all Jews with a broad brush. And God knows we have some really destructive Gentiles like John McCain and Lindsey Graham in top positions as well, not to mention George W. Bush, Rumsfeld, etc.
So, the giant squid has many tentacles, only some of which are Jewish in character. But the Jewish tentacles are definitely there and major.