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Comment: Hatred not necessary

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Hatred not necessary

Hatred is a terrible thing but the evidence is clear about who is most responsible for the troubles we are in. By the numbers AIPAC is the most influential groups in D.C. Jewish men own all of the fiat currencies that the world uses today.

What's more is that scholars have written thoroughly about Israel's negative effects on American foreign policy. (The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign policy) spells out very clearly what a negative effect Jewish guidance has for the world. Hatred is an evil we should stop practicing against other humans. Removal of a verified problem is what should be focused on for the future of events. As it stand now the powerful money manipulators happen to be Jewish. If they are in control then who else should we blame for the problems of society other than ourselves and the controllers? By matter of circumstance Jews own everything. That control is being used in systematic extermination and consolidation of power.

Reality speaks for itself.