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for not having the feds crawl up your A$$ for the logical results of your thinking...YET ... Namely; keeping all the property which belongs to you.
Including 100% of your income... My thoughts of being a free man did nothing to prevent them from arresting my wife and I, confiscating our passports and 2nd amendment rights, entering our home at will, placed in probation, and throwing us into a federal district court trial without an attorney. Any guesses on the verdict of that trial? We await sentencing next month..complicated by the fact that the feds denial of a lifesaving procedure for my precious gallant warrior wife put her into a hospice situation. She lies in my living room on life support.
are we free? Would I undergo a situation like this to show my young sons how important it is to stand up for your freedom and pay any price?
Kinda looks like thats exactly what we did.
Good luck my friend
Its a lonely place.
no one in the "freedom movement" appears to care.
I can only hope more "freedom lovers will vote with their actions instead of just their mouths.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.