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Comment: I share some pessimism but

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I share some pessimism but

Liberty will never die. We ourselves must improve our ideological position. Ron Paul and von Mises institute did a great job teaching us basics. Now we have to incorporate the missing part - teaching of Ayn Rand.

If von Mises looked at capitalism from pure utilitarian prospective, Ron Paul echoed conventional wisdom of the founding fathers - "natural rights come from god or nature." Rothbard, after he was expelled from Ayn Rand circle for plagiarizing, did not advance Libertarian idea besides "natural rights are a Libertarian axiom." Thereafter, Block, Hoppe, Stefe M and others detached themselves from reality and focused on "non agression" magic that lead them to anarchy.

According to Ayn Rand, natural rights come from REASON. Unreasonable people cannot build or maintain free society no matter what religious or humanistic morals they adapt or what drug they smoke. Only majority equipped with rational morality can.