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millions of civilians of all kinds were imprisoned and killed in the most horrific ways during the war. The Nazis were thugs and criminals, of that there can be no doubt.

The problem was and is, in my view, that the German people then, and very many even now (I live in Germany), have had excessive reverence for authority and hierarchy (even when the powerful are doing wrong) and are very collectivist in their mentality compared to Americans.

Also, Germans still have little awareness of The Golden Rule and many businessmen, especially, are not governed by conscience and are inveterate liars.

Moreover, most Germans still dislike pretty much ALL foreigners, even white, ethnically Germanic/blond foreigners. They are, in general with numerous exceptions that prove the rule, an exceedingly chauvinistic people and in many ways resemble, for example, many East Coast Jews, in their rude and pushy behavior.

And they tend to be loyal to the wrong things, in my view (e.g. authority rather than conscience). Germans sometimes wonder aloud how Nazism could have taken place in their country, but to me as an outsider, it is not at all hard to see how it happened, given the average German mentality even today. And, of course, we should not forget that many German civilians, especially women, also became victims of violence after the war. All in all, a disaster.