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Comment: Meanwhile, back in reality ...

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Meanwhile, back in reality ...

They subsidize industrial food production, corn and soy and frankenmeat so that the 'public-private partnerships' (ie. corporate fascist regime) can crank out toxic Coke, Cheetos, and dollar menu McSludgeburgers that are:

a) The only thing these people can afford, and are

b) The only thing available within walking distance in their neighborhoods --- cheap dirty Quick-E marts on every block.

This creates plenty of fat, sick, mentally wacked out cattle kids that they then herd en-masse into the OTHER half of their system (our "Health Care Professionals!")...

Who get them pumped full of toxic Ritalin, anti-psychotics and anti-obesity drugs ... as well as all the other high priced ineffective procedures they concoct.

All the same stockholders are sitting on top of *that* pyramid, don't ya know. And so around and around and around we go.

This is how vampires drain an entire planet of everything: health, wealth, and happiness while making the oblivious feel good about it:

Sucking more money out of the economy for feel-good propaganda like this is only the big fat GMO cherry on top.

But ya'll knew that already. I'm just ranting at this point lol ...