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I am

Really tired of Beck and feel back stabbed when he went against Ron Paul and called us terrorists. He actually was a big reason how I woke up. I watched his show on Fox with his Chalk Board and he was nailing it at times. Especially with George Soros and his Minions. But when he started liking Santorum & then Romney, and telling me even a frog can defeat Obama. I started to figure out he was so full of him self. I live in New Jersey and almost every person told me they were voting for Obama. So I knew how unaware he was on how popular Obama really was and how un-popular Romney was. I kept saying to my self "How in the world could a man Praise the Constitution but hate Ron Paul so much". My Mothers second husband actually knows him personally and goes out to dinner with him and his wife. I told him to ask him why is he back stabbing the Liberty Movement 2 months before the Convention. My Moms Second Husband replied to me weeks later telling me we have to back up Romney. It is our only chance. Ron Paul is unelectable and he is sorry for that. I just shook my head in disgust and told my moms that I will not be voting for Romney. I saw the corruption with my own eyes.