Comment: Another example of Jewish discrimination - in Hollywood

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Another example of Jewish discrimination - in Hollywood

If you don't know - which you said multiple times, then don't post a non-sequential until you do know.

I use to be like you, and said this couldn't possibly be true because I didn't read it in the media, but when you start looking into it, it's true.

Same thing with Hollywood. There can't possibly be Jewish dominance in Hollywood. But when you start reading biographies of people who work in Hollywood, it comes out. For instance, I was reading the biography of the person who played Marsha Brady - Maureen McCormick, (not the type of book I usually read), and she mentions in passing that it's hard to get work in Hollywood if you are a Christian, and also all the Jewish producers in Hollywood.

That's right. More Jewish racism - in Hollywood this type. Not the first time I heard it, but the first time I realized it was true. Because I was just like you - didn't research anything, because "it couldn't be true". Well, we live in a wicked world, and there are a lot of things that are true that shouldn't be, or we don't know about yet.

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