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Emotional??? LOL! you are in

Emotional??? LOL! you are in denial... Yeah the guy who spent two pages bitching about how he is ignored tries to tell me I am being emotional ROTFLMAO! There is a reason you are being ignored get a cucking flue genius!

I followed some of your links and even looked at your bullet points and nothing just some fancy titles to your so called concepts but no explanations as to what they mean and how they work. Sorry I am not into reading 50 pages of you bitching and fancy titles of your supposed concepts before you even begin to get to the point if their actually is one.

I don't need to drink a whole bottle of wine before I know if it taste good or not. A few swigs will suffice to tell me if I want to continue drinking. I can tell right now you need to find something else to do this is not your forte!

You remind me of those people who go on the TV singing contests and are so bad it is laughable but they actually think they are good and have no clue how terrible they really are and then it just becomes sad at how perplexed they are that no one likes them as they get angry and stomp off vowing to make it big... They and you are legends in your own minds... ;)

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