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Comment: Video Has a few problems!

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Video Has a few problems!

There is some good info here, however:

@13:16 They make it sound like the Government doesn't have enough power...

@45:12 they make it like a bad thing to get rid of unions and that all the progressive work we have made (ya right) since the new deal the evil elites want to take away. (seems like they promote regulations and seem to focus more on corporatism which is only part of the story.

I smell a little socialism in this movie....when you hear the words democracy(as opposed to republic),resources,and when you hear Much more anti-corporations talk than anti-government.. then you typically have a movie that has some important facts but has a layer of socialism painted very sneakily in these types of movies.

Now I don't know anything for sure, but what do you all think?... look at the references I make and see if you can find more ( i know there is more).