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Great Concerns

You've listed some great concerns and I share similar. Bitcoin is the first technology of its kind and its mechanism is difficult to understand. Your reaction to it is normal and your criticism is beneficial in helping to improve the bitcoin economy.

Understand that Bitcoin is a global attempt to take on monopolized government fiat. Its a historic, non-aggressive, revolutionary undertaking. It will not happen overnight and the powers "that be" will not go down without a fight.

Compare Bitcoin to the internet of 20 years ago when only geeks used and understood it - Software engineers don't make things user friendly. Today, the Internet has become woven into our everyday lives. Large systems take time to evolve.

One thing Bitcoin provides today is a wide-open, entrepreneurial playing field. Bitcoin start-ups are popping up everywhere trying to solve the concerns people like you have. Its an exciting time to learn something new and have power to effectuate monetary change.

A good place to ask questions and learn more is: