Comment: dude LIBERTY never was related to equality

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dude LIBERTY never was related to equality

you are the real shill when you try to suffocate others opinions ...this is not a PC site..this is a libertarian site where you have the moral and ethical right to out your word forward and you can critique any instance of these current policies that are plaguing the american lives....LIBERTY is the INDIVIDUALISTIC assurance of self fulfillment....and yes the jewish are in charge of everything dealing with centralized money making in the west and they killed maimed and robbed a entire country in the middle is their fanaticism which made all this possible and they created the myth of your research or ate least dont try to restrict the FREE flow of ideas and information on a libertarian the way if someone here believe that the whole anti racism movement is in fact an anti white movement is his her RIGHT and this a the constitutional first amendment exercise !!!!! so please go INFECT other places TROLL