Comment: can the OP demonstrate that "we"...

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can the OP demonstrate that "we"...

...are opposed to achieving Liberty from over-bearing tyrannical government for....say....Jews that object/abhor zionism?

This reads like an attempt to collectivize the DP Obama tactic....we're just a little more discerning and well understanding of religious games/systems that men concoct/create to prey upon/win support & control over individual peoples inclined(because of conscience and creation revelation) to believe in a Supreme Being.

God created created governments...get the heirarchy!

When the government, which created man created, VIOLATES the laws of the Creator; we stand with the Creator, that is higher than Caesar!

...and so, the Earth is full of innumerable idols and man-made systems of religion, that are used BY governments, to CONTROL the people(stop them from dissent, a.k.a. storming the castle)...and we call those religions FALSE, and we prefer the moral leanings, laws derived from a PURE religion that this Republic's founders knew quite well = for from it was derived the liberty concepts found in both the Magna Carta, and, our Declaration of Independence(which was derived from John Locke's Two Treatises on Civil Government).

so...poop on your divide and conquer strategy...individuals who want REAL God-given liberty, have the wisdom and courage to QUESTION folks wrapped in labels and exterior religiosity when in FACT their lives bleed of HYPOCRISY and lawlessness!