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Comment: World Reserve Currency

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World Reserve Currency

The guard may change, new people running the same show, but the power remains the same, it is falsehood, threats, and violence made legal, and it is the one monopoly power.

If it were not the one monopoly power then the former victims could compete with it, and have better instead of settling for worse.

The measure of it is money, but it is power.

If those running that monopoly get what they are planning then they get to keep their monopoly and those running the show in the past were not averse to buying World War with the money (power) they steal.

Those running the monopoly are buying World War III right now, and that is the reason for "depression", as so much economic power is now being spent on funding World War III, which has already started.

If those running the monopoly (call it New World Order or Fried Chicken it still is what it is no matter what you are told to call it) manage to survive through World War III, which may or may not be a big deal to them, one way or the other, along with every living thing on this planet at risk, if, if they survive, then they will work to keep their monopoly going, and they appear to be moving headquarters to China, assuming things go according to the obvious plan.

That means, exactly, that the Obamas, Bushes, Bernankes, and whatnot, are selling America out, raiding the corporation, and they are moving to the winning side, the side they are financing, which is China.

If those running the monopoly are then in China, running the monopoly, then Americans may, or may not, be forced to pay all the war debts. We could, conceivably, compete: by inventing, producing, and utilizing better money ourselves, in direct competition with the monopoly POWER in China, in that possible future.

We could do that now too.

That is possible.

It is possible to opt out of World War III, by ending The FED, ending The IRS, and bringing the troops home (not in body bags).

It is possible to opt out by supporting moves in each State in America from The FED, to a competitive, NON-Fraudulent, money, an honest money, such as the moves toward Gold and Silver in Utah, and some other States, and in that way the former victims are no longer agreeing to pay the National Debt borrowed from The Good Faith and Credit of the American People, and why should any one of us pay a Debt that was borrowed from us?

If someone borrows from The Good Faith and Credit of The American People, then that borrower aught to pay us back, not the other way around.

So end The FED.

So...end The IRS.

Opt out of World War III.

Let those who run The Dollar Hegemony go to China, as they see fit, and let them create a World Reserve Currency from China, if they can.

We can opt out, we can invent, produce, and maintain competitive money, and then we can once again be the force of voluntary choice that forces quality up and cost down.

It is that simple.

The monopoly power exists because it effectively crushes, or incorporates all competition into one single supply of Legal Power, and to do so it must resort to deceit, threats, and violence upon the innocent targets whose crime is to produce enough extra wealth, above consumption, to constitute something worth stealing.

The monopoly power exists, the proof is a steadily declining quality of legal money, world wide, while the cost of that money (World War) is going up rapidly. That cause and effect cannot exist if people demand, invent, produce, maintain, and supply competitive, higher quality, and lower cost, money (power) such as, again, Gold and Silver money as that which is now beginning to work in Utah, and any other form of money that is NOT fraudulent, NOT threatening, and Not funding violence upon the innocent.